Hebrews 11:1–6

What is faith? It is the confident assurance that something you want is going to happen.

—Hebrews 11:1 (tlb)

Following college, my brother L.E. taught school in Warner Robins, Georgia. He joined Sandy Run Golf Club and played golf almost daily in the summertime. I would visit him and play golf for three or four days in a row. There was a youth golf tournament at Sandy Run, and I signed up to play in the thirteen to fourteen–year-old division.

I was so nervous on the first tee! The first hole was a long par four, and I topped my tee shot, which went about forty yards. I topped my second shot and wound up making a nine! I settled down and played bogey golf until I got to the fifteenth hole. On fifteen, I made a sharp-breaking six-footer for a par. Pumped up, I walked to the sixteenth tee where I had the honor. I hit a six iron in the middle of the green and walked off the tee with a strong sense of satisfaction and self-confidence.

But Mr. Arnold Smith, our scorer and referee, called me over. I would find out years later that his mother was a wonderful woman and big Braves fan who lived next to Becca’s uncle Donald in Livingston, Tennessee. Mr. Smith said reluctantly, “Danny, I’m sorry, but you teed off outside the markers. I must assess you a two-stroke penalty.”

The tee box was wide, and all week we had played from the right side of the tee. But the tee markers had been moved to the left side! My heart sank and I teared up. I two-putted for my five. Now I trailed my friend Tommy Wood by one shot. But I made two six-foot par putts on the last two holes and won by a shot! I still have the trophy at home, and I got my picture in the Warner Robins  newspaper!

What was the lesson that I learned? Keep fighting through disappointment, even when all seems lost. Don’t give up. God never gave up on you. Ever. No matter what you’ve done or what you’re going through, there is always hope in Christ for a victorious life. Christ loves us so much that he never gave up on the cross.

Prayer: Lord, help me keep the faith when I fall behind or the ball bounces the wrong way on the field or in life because you never gave up. You never gave up at Calvary, and you never gave up on me and never will. Thank you for your incredible love which I do not deserve. In the strong grip of the Savior, amen.

What is your favorite recollection of a comeback in life when all seemed lost? It could be sports related, work or school related, or family related.  How did the comeback influence your faith and walk with God?