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1 Chronicles 4:9–10, Matthew 7:7, John 10:10

 Ask, and you will receive…—Matthew 7:7

When I was a kid, the local Coca-Cola bottler sponsored a giveaway, placing pictures of NFL players on the inside of bottle caps. There was nothing but bottles in those days, so that meant that a lot of caps were out there. My mother taught first grade and was great friends with the principal, so I could get all the bottle caps I wanted. About twice a week, Mom would get Mrs. Bedingfield to open the drink box so that I could empty the bottle caps from the container and take them home. That container of bottle caps was like a gold mine. I spent hours sorting through the caps and pasting them to sheets that contained room for fifty or sixty different caps. I filled twenty-three sheets when I only needed five sheets for a helmet or football. When Mom and I took twenty-three sheets to the Dublin Coca-Cola bottler, the Coca-Cola employee was stunned. At first, she only wanted to give me one prize, but Mom had my back. She knew that she and I had put a lot of effort into filling up those sheets. I think I walked away with one helmet and three “official” NFL footballs.

The spiritual message of this story is that when you have special connections in life, you can get some things that you normally wouldn’t get. If I had to rely on only two or three bottle caps per day, I would have never filled up those sheets. In life, we come to God with only one or two blessings in mind. He wants to give us so much more if we will only ask. I am weak in this area, and I need to push the envelope more often because I know God wants to give me the very best.

From his abundant love, God wants to give us the entire bottle cap collection of blessings. In 1 Chronicles there is a great example of God’s abundant blessing. There was a man named Jabez, who was more honorable than his brothers. Jabez offered a prayer to God, asking him to “…bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that your Hand would be with me, and that you would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” (1 Chronicles 4:10) When Jabez added the word indeed, he asked God for blessings that would be overflowing, and he received tremendous blessings from God.

God sent Jesus to us so that we could not only enjoy life but enjoy it abundantly. But we need to live for God through love and obedience, and then we just need to ask him like Mom asked Mrs. Bedingfield for the stash of bottle caps. God wants us to ask, seek, and knock so that we can receive the riches of his blessings, including the eternal gifts of salvation, joy, peace, and love. Let God shower you with a plethora of blessings each day. When you know Christ, you become eligible for the supernatural benefits of eternal life now and forevermore.

Prayer: : Dear Father God, thank you for the bountiful abundance that you want to give me each day. Help me know that you want me to have so much more than I’m asking for. May I stay in loving obedience to you so that when I ask, I will receive. When I seek, I will find. When I knock, the door will be opened. In Jesus’s name, amen.