Before you read this post…I cannot believe that I posted the Gatorade ice bath devotion just days before the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral! Who knows..maybe there was a connection!


Luke 15:10, Romans 8:28, Revelation 5:11

I heard the voices of many angels round about the throne …
—Revelation 5:11 (KJV)

One of the most important aspects of a football team is the offensive line, or the o-line. When the o-line opens huge holes for the powerful, swift running backs, this group of unsung heroes makes it possible to move the ball down the field. The o-line performs another important duty when the members work together to perform a protective pocket around the quarterback when he drops back to pass. This pocket of protection keeps the quarterback from being tackled before he passes the ball to his swift set of receivers. Only during replays is it obvious that the o-line made it possible for the QB, the running backs, and the receivers to shine. Without an effective o-line, a team stands little chance to win.

Just as the o-line protects the quarterback from injury, God uses his legions of angels to keep us safe. Perhaps there have been times when you have faced grave danger but somehow you came through unscathed. When we get to heaven, I believe that we will understand just how many times the angels’ line of defense, the a-line, came through for us. God likely used angels to protect Daniel in the lion’s den and to protect David as the young lad slew Goliath. God used an angel, whom some believe was Jesus, to protect Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace. Just like the o-line, the a-line is made up of unsung heroes who don’t receive nearly as much press as the Holy Trinity. Even the misunderstood Holy Spirit gets more attention. That’s the way it should be, but the a-line deserves credit also. Let’s take time to remember the next time we’re in a close scrape and God brings us through. Maybe, just maybe, there were five angels performing a pocket of protection.

Prayer: Dear God, help me realize that there are angels all around protecting me because you care about every detail of my life and are thinking about everything that happens around me. For that, I give you my deepest thanks. In Jesus’s name, amen.