Matthew 27:51, Hebrews 4:16

And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom … —Matthew 27:51

If you’ve ever been to a large sporting event, you’ll notice that there is a pecking order. There is a big difference between the nosebleed and courtside seats. There is nothing like an all-access pass that allows you to go anywhere in the arena or stadium. An all-access pass at the Masters golf tournament is equivalent to getting into the press room, the clubhouse, and out on the veranda near the putting green. It’s cool to even be at Augusta, but eventually, you find yourself staring at the people on the clubhouse grounds at the tables under the giant oak tree. You wonder what it would be like to be on the other side of the ropes.

At the 2010 BCS Championship game, an all-access pass got you onto the field before and after the game. My daughter Allison’s boyfriend (and now husband), Kevin, got a sideline pass to the Alabama-Texas game, and she wished that she could have been there with him. Note: Kevin’s celebrity status resurfaced last week with the replay of the game on the SEC Network.

At the NBA Finals, you could stand in the tunnel next to Kobe or Lebron just before they jog onto the floor. Anybody who has been to the Final Four would love to be courtside to see the interaction between players, coaches, and officials in the high-pressure game situation. An all-access pass at a concert would get you onto the back of the stage as performers excite the crowd with well-known songs.

In the Old Testament days, the only person with an all-access pass was the chief priest. But the chief priest could only go behind the veil in the holy of holies once a year, sort of like Super Bowl Sunday comes once a year. On that day, the chief priest cleansed himself before entering the holy of holies and presenting the sacrifices before God. That was the one day a year that someone interacted with God.

But Jesus changed all of that. After God could no longer look upon the sins that his Son carried to the cross, the temple walls collapsed and that curtain was torn in two forever. The tearing of the veil indicated that all people now had twenty-four-seven access to God through Jesus Christ, who sits as our intercessor when we talk with God. Jesus is the all-access pass that everyone needs to come boldly to God’s throne.

Prayer: God, how awesome it is that I can come to you at any time, night or day, when I need to talk. Help me remember that there are many times that you want to come talk with me. In Jesus’s name, amen.